This international happening in Milan has seen Arclinea presenting new products from the collection designed by Antonio Citterio, in its Flagship Store at 28 Corso Monforte and in the windows of the B&B Italia Store at 14 Via Durini. Artusi Outdoor, the kitchen featured in the live cooking event in Microsoft House at 21 Viale Pasubio, accompanied the preview of the new Outdoor 2017 collections by B&B Italia.


PRINCIPIA, the new project by Antonio Citterio for Arclinea, in the refurbished window at 28 Corso Monforte, teams a grained wood in a “rough” finish with stainless steel in the innovative colours generated with the PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) technological process.

Since 2015 and thanks to application of an innovation, Steelia, the PVD collection by Arclinea, has reiterated the choice of steel as one of the quintessential materials for the Arclinea style. With its black, bronze and champagne variations, the Steelia Collection brings new excitement into the kitchen, creating unique, extraordinary combinations teamed with natural wood and stone.

Principia is, on the one hand, dialogue between natural materials, innovative production technologies and artisan details and, on the other, the evolution of work zones with new units, dressers and dedicated storage units that develop internally to become true operational areas.

Principia is displayed as a double room in the window, communicating and defining ‘dedicated’ zones that evoke their practical function, for a kitchen that is increasingly the hub of the home, and a main factor in the development of interiors. A space that ‘comes about’ through the design of functions, the purpose of work, the many shared experiences. Utility and ritual.


In the B&B Store at 14 Via Durini, Arclinea presents and confirms the central role played by the kitchen through time: a kitchen ‘for living’ that integrates preparation, dining and living. A room devised by Antonio Citterio with three distinct elements that form minimal yet sophisticated architecture, a space that is both compact and dilated.

The Convivium island by Arclinea dialogues with the Convivium tall unit by Maxalto, which becomes a built-in part of the room and modifies its overall look. Designed by Antonio Citterio, Convivium fills the gap with a large cupboard that can co-exist with both kitchen and dining furniture. A large unit for dedicated spaces that can hold everything needed for laying the table and small electrical appliances. Its invaluable details include its doors’ opening mechanisms and division of its internal accessories. An important size that carries out an office function, with a central chest of drawers for serving lunch. Convivium’s aesthetics make it the perfect presence at mealtimes.

Designed by Antonio Citterio, the Convivium island is the central element in the room, with its formal looks, slim shapes and refined combinations of materials (deep drawer doors in PVD Bronze steel, worktop in Vintage steel), and its innovative functional features: flush-mounted hob, hood and sink that ‘disappear’, beautiful yet discreet. Dedicated kitchen equipment is stored inside the island with accessories in wood and LED lighting.

Rounding out the architecture of this room is the third piece, the double Suspended Glass Cabinet, again designed by Antonio Citterio. Its shallow depth features a careful combination of glass, wood and metal. Exclusive processes result in dedicated equipment and stand for open, coordinated use of objects: the freedom of using them and showing them off.

The Suspended Glass Cabinet is an initial step in the expansion and development of the Arclinea Collection, that huge ‘abacus’ of exclusive elements, all totally compatible, for designing, creating and solving real, everyday requirements that make every Arclinea kitchen perfect and desirable.

This presentation to mark the Milan Design Week provides an opportunity for ‘synthethis’ between Arclinea, B&B Italia and Maxalto, with the announcement of important developments.


Arclinea took in the big design happening organised by Icon Design, with the main players who are reworking our metropolises, homes and lifestyles. It integrated its concept of Outdoor kitchen with the first ever presentation of the new B&B Italia outdoor collections, in the open-air spaces of the brand new Microsoft Italia offices, the maximum expression of contemporary architecture by Herzog & de Meuron.

Artusi, one of the icon products of Arclinea design by Antonio Citterio, was a ‘working’ kitchen and venue for live cooking during Milan Design Week: a ‘stove’ in its more compact island version, rounded out by the Flox work counter.

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