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Arclinea, a prestigious Made In Italy brand leader in the high-end kitchen market, incorporates within its philosophy a productive tradition to be innovation, a true culture for quality, functionality and conviviality. The Arclinea collection is an unique, vast sum of products and elements: each and every element are studied to resolve real and daily needs. This because the kitchen is the heart of the home, the place where cooking is a real pleasure, completly customizable, complemented by innovative technologies and by an actual creativity beyond time.

Arclinea Roma Parioli

The Arclinea Flagship Store Roma Parioli is located in the heart of Rome’s residential ‘Parioli’ district, just a stone’s throw from the extraordinary Liberty-style ‘Coppedè’ quarter.

With four windows on the street, the 270 m² host kitchen layouts that show off all the latest additions to the Arclinea Collection, designed by Antonio Citterio.

The wide range of solutions, materials, innovative finishes, top-of-the-range new-gen electrical appliances make ARCLINEA ROMA PARIOLI the go-to Arclinea store for the whole of Rome and central Italy.

Guaranteed absolute professionalism, high specialisation and accurate service from design to assembly and after-sales make ARCLINEA ROMA PARIOLI a store for both the general public and designers.

Because the mission of ARCLINEA ROMA PARIOLI is to create dedicated, always exclusive living spaces.  Special attention to the design of every single room, generated using state-of-the-art technology, provides clients with detailed, unique layouts and a complete idea of the finished project.

In line with attention by Arclinea to the inescapable relationship between kitchen and user and to ensure the absolute convivial centrality of this space, ARCLINEA ROMA PARIOLI has decided to also have a fully functional kitchen on display. Here it will be possible to taste exclusive recipes and the gourmet specialities of chefs, cooks, and sector professionals at special events and during cookery school sessions.

Roberto Ciano

Roberto Ciano

Managing Director

Patrick Filippo Contò

Patrick Filippo Contò

Store Manager

Marta D'Amico

Marta D'Amico

Interior Designer





The aim of Arclinea has always been to create projects that last in time, both ahead of trends and beyond them. Projects that manage each time to generate the perfect, desired kitchen. Because, while perfection can exist on paper, it only happens when the project fully meets all the demands made of it: a synthesis of combined values, from the raw material to the finished product, elements that interact with their functions, via the capacity of the person who brings the kitchen alive, a passionate experience for sharing, every day.

This is how every Arclinea kitchen becomes a ‘Dream KItchen’…




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Arclinea Roma Parioli

Via Alessandria 161 – 00198 ROMA

Telephone: +39 06 85352309

June-September open:
Monday 15.30-19.30
Tuesday-Friday 10.30-19.30
Saturday 10.30 – 13

October-May open:
Tuesday-Saturday 10.30-19.30

Arclinea Roma Parioli
by Ditta FONTANA&C. Srl
Viale Verona 98b 36100 VICENZA p.i. 03569730249

E-mail: info@arclinearomaparioli.it

Arclinea Roma Parioli